Friday, April 25, 2008

Is It Christmas? No, It's A Girl!

We've only known for 72 hours that we are having a baby girl, but already we are overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our friends and family. Gifts, cards, and well wishes are being sent our way and we are soaking up all of the love and joy. Apparently folks love to buy the pink stuff...or maybe it's that they're worried I really will dress baby girl Walker in all of Eli's hand-me-downs!
We sure appreciate all that's been done for us!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pretty in Pink

We told Hugh and Grant tonight that they're getting a little sister. They were thrilled! We celebrated with pink cupcakes, three of which spelled out "It's A Girl". Everyone got in on the fun.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sugar and Spice and SOOOO many things

I awoke at 4:30AM today and of course once the thought of my baby girl hit my mind I couldn't go back to sleep. I wanted to wake Jason up, but showed great restraint and waited until 5:30AM when his alarm went off. Then I snuggled up to him and we talked about our baby girl. Well, truth be told I did most of the talking, he was still pretty groggy!
Since I really had not allowed myself to consider the possibility that we would have a girl, I now have so many things swirling around in my mind about how this is going to change our lives.

Some of the first comments Jason and I made upon finding out that it's a girl:
"Now they can't play on the same baseball team" (Ronda)
"I'm gonna have to keep my gun handy" (Jason)
"Now we'll have someone to take care of us when we get old" (Ronda)
"What are we going to do with a girl?" (Jason)
"I'm not going to let her boss Eli around" (Ronda)
"She's going to have a lot of blue clothes to wear" (Ronda)
"I must be going soft" (Jason)
And our doctor's comment after high fives all around, "Good, this means I don't have to do a circumcision".

It will certainly be a fun adventure. We will tell Hugh and Grant the BIG NEWS when we see them tomorrow. They both want a baby sister so bad, they are going to be thrilled when we tell them. If you recall, Hugh wanted Eli to be a girl. When we told him we were having a boy he said, "Maybe the doctor was wrong."
As for Eli and Josey, they were both fine with the news. Josey has had a lot of pressure on her being the only other girl around here, she will enjoy the additional sweetness. And Eli is just happy all the time, so his big grins when we told him he was having a sister were expected.
We sure do love having boys, Jason and I both feel we are natural fits as boy parents and that they are fun and easy. We're both a little intimidated about having a girl, but we know she will enhance our life experience in ways we cannot even imagine.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Three Men and a Little Lady


We just left the doctor's office and he gave us the news. Jason and I are in shock, but absolutely thrilled. When the ultrasound tech said it's a girl, I made her keep on looking for boy parts. Jason and I decided we better stop calling her Jack! Baby Girl Walker is doing great, she is perfectly healthy and progressing well. Her momma is doing fine too. We'll share more news in a week or two -- after the shock wears off!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good Times on Saturday

Eli helped Daddy clean his golf clubs.

Eli gets a bath.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Family Goings On

I had a few minutes and thought I'd share some thoughts from our life with you. Things are unusually calm and quiet in our world right now, which is nice. Jason and I both feel we had a 'lost weekend' this past weekend as we were both tired and worthless. I think the craziness of the past month caught up with us. We did manage to do some fun things, though. Friday night was our traditional pizza and movie night with our boys. Hugh & Grant decided we would watch the Garfield movie. We usually trade off weeks on who decides what we watch. Jason and I have been introducing H&G to some of our favorite movies like Field of Dreams, Rudy, and The Princess Bride, which they always enjoy. Saturday morning we had our family pancake breakfast, chocolate chip this time. Eli joined us for that tradition for the first time ever! I served him a silver dollar sized pancake and he quickly tore off a bite that was too big and nearly choked:) Fun family memories.
It rained Saturday morning so the boys' soccer game was canceled. I think the rain didn't help our laziness. Mid morning Jason had a bit of a runny nose and he was really groggy. I got nervous when I saw a bottle of NyQuil on the kitchen counter...and sure enough I found Jason passed out on the couch. I roused him long enough for him to confirm he took the NyQuil and that he'd never taken any before. I told him a shot of that stuff will take down a 300lb man! I asked him if he even bothered to notice that it was over a year expired. (now, exactly whose fault it was that we had a year old bottle of medicine in the house is yet to be determined). Needless to say he was good for nothing for a while!
My folks dropped by for a visit. They had a good friend in town and she wanted to see Eli. Per usual he was good to entertain everyone. We ate leftover pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches and enjoyed the company.
I am pretty sure that I felt new baby Walker moving around for the first time this weekend. I'm somewhere around 18 weeks, so that is about when I could feel Eli. One week from today we find out if we're having a boy or a girl. Isn't that exciting?! I am definitely a big fan of finding out the gender. I love being able to pick a name and begin using it for the baby (versus calling it 'the baby') and it's easier to envision the baby once you know the gender. It will be fun to know if our big brood of boys is going to remain just that...or if a little diva is going to enter our world and turn it upside down. We are just thankful to be able to add another child to our family. I will let you all know the verdict next Tuesday...stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just because it's so sweet

The funny part is everyone told us we were going to regret getting a lab. We were told they are so wild and crazy, that they destroy everything in sight, and never slow down. Well, if this doesn't prove them wrong I don't know what would.