Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine

I cannot say enough good things about my wonderful husband, especially this Valentine's Day! Jason does not seek the praises of man, but he's going to get them from me today. He has been such an amazing helper and support to me the past several weeks. I've been so sick with this pregnancy, I think I've spent the majority of every day on the couch in my Auburn sleep shirt that I got in college and Jason's house slippers. One night as I was going to bed I even realized that I had baby food matted into my dirty hair. The house stays messy and not many meals have been cooked. But Jason has been my constant source of encouragement. Plus, he's washed a lot of dishes, vacuumed, bought groceries, and changed many dirty diapers amongst many other helpful things. He has definitely lived up to his promise to love me in sickness and health! And, even more, he's done it all without murmuring or complaining. In fact, he does it all with his usual sweet, positive attitude and in spite of my misery he can still make me laugh.
So, to all of my single friends out there...hold out for God's best. So many people settle for good, but I implore you to wait for great. God promises that He will do "exceedingly abundantly more than we could ask or think", but we must be patient and trust Him to work in our lives. I had to wait 32 years for it, but my relationship with Jason definitely exceeds anything I ever imagined marriage could be.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Eli's Big News!

No, this is not a used shirt from a yard sale...Eli really is going to be a Big Brother! I am almost two months pregnant and will have a new baby in early September. Jason and I are just thrilled and feel so blessed. Well, right now I feel more sick and tired than blessed, but you know what I mean. We told the boys Thursday night and they were just thrilled. Hugh immediately wanted to know if we know if it's a boy or girl...I'm afraid he's going to get his hopes up again for a girl! Statistically speaking, it will be a boy, but who knows what God has in store for us. We will be thrilled with either.
To save you from counting it up on your fingers, Eli and the new baby will be 15 months apart, practically twins:) Eli turns 1 on May 30, then 3 months later new baby arrives. With this baby we will max out our car and bedrooms (6 ppl in a 3 bedroom house) so this one will be the last baby for us. But, four children is quite a wonderful blessing and we plan to enjoy every day we have of raising them and learning from them!
God is Good!