Saturday, June 27, 2009

The kids at the park

It was 100 degrees outside and Eli was not happy during the majority of our outing.

Yes, that is a cigarette in Eli's mouth. No, I didn't realize what it was when I was taking the picture. That boy is such a rebel!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Eli Tackling MJ

The kids were playing so sweetly, which is how it always seems to start. Then, Eli decides to tackle his little sister. So far no injuries to speak of, just making her a tough little girl. Notice in the third picture he's kissing her on the cheek and she's smiling. I guess that is his way of asking for forgiveness.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So Much

I am quite behind on postings, as it has been a busy/fun few weeks in our world. I don't have time to play catch up now, but will try to over the weekend. Meanwhile, I wanted to share the latest photo of my two babies, Eli and Margaret Jane. This was taken in the living room at my parents' lake house on Lake Martin. I was trying to get a picture of the two of them in their swimsuits. Eli didn't want a picture with his sister, he wanted me to take his picture by himself. Margaret was being super cute and cooperative and I really wanted a picture of them together. I was getting aggravated at Eli and finally said, "ELI, just taken one picture with your sister!" He scooted over to her, leaned in and gave me a grin. And with that the photo shoot was over!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Funny Boy

I went to get Eli out of bed this morning and he was lying in his crib with nothing on but a diaper and a big grin. After I stopped laughing, I asked Eli what happened to his clothes. He pointed to them on the floor and said, "clothes right there". I said, "Eli, why are your clothes on the floor?" He said, "So I could see my belly button".

Eli's New Favorite Food

And he only wants to eat it straight out of the jar!

The Evolution of a Fit by Eli Walker

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dedication & Birthday

The end of May brought two very special occasions for our family to celebrate. Eli turned two years old on May 30 and Margaret Jane was dedication at church on May 31. Since all of the family was coming for the dedication, we held Eli's birthday party that afternoon.
Jason's brother Jim came into town on Saturday afternoon, so the kids enjoyed seeing their Orange Beach Uncle. Sunday morning found us getting all of the kids dressed and ready for the big day. Jason looked gorgeous as always in his pink tie and navy jacket. I even dusted off my four inch pink heels and wore a brand new dress complete with pink polka dots.
A host of family and friends met us at the church to join us as we committed ourselves to raising Margaret Jane in the knowledge of the Lord. The service was wonderful and the time of dedication was very special. My big concerns: MJ spitting up on the preacher; Eli insisting on running around on the stage; me tripping down the stairs in my aforementioned four inch heels. I am glad to report no such thing happened. Jonathan Green, our worship minister, said some great words to our family and challenged Margaret to become a Proverbs 31 woman. After Jonathan spoke, our pastor Lawrence took MJ to walk her through the congregation. When he first took her from me he lifted her into the air and she grinned from ear to ear and gave the crowd a precious show! Then MJ's three big brothers, who were all perfect gentlemen on stage, got certificates congratulating them on their little sister.
After church everyone went back to my parents' house for lunch from Jim-n-Nick's BBQ, always a crowd favorite. We ate on the back porch and made one long table for all 21 of us to sit at. I had a series of crosses as centerpieces on the table and asked each family present to take a cross home and when they look at it to please pray for our children.
After everyone finished their seconds...and thirds we sequed into Eli's party. In spite of being tired, Eli seemed to enjoy himself. He ate cake and opened a lot of great presents. And of course there were party hats and blowers!
We are so thankful for what God has given us and that we have such wonderful family and friends to help us celebrate such milestones in our lives!

Eli's birthday party
Eli ate plenty of cake!

Jason and me helping Eli open his gifts:Eli getting ready to "put the fire out" as he said:
The party crowd:
Our cousin Thomas with Jason:
Our family during the dedication service:
Our pastor, Lawrence Phipps, with Margaret Jane:
All of our family and friends who came for the service:
Jonathan talking to MJ during the service: