Sunday, March 30, 2008

Family Album

We got some family pictures done today...I love the one of the three boys. Won't be long before there's another Walker in the picture.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

If It's Not One Thing...

Well, you'll be glad to know that my pregnancy-induced nausea is gone - YEA!!! Isn't that wonderful? It did, however, give way to a nasty cold which had me down for the past week. So, yesterday as I was finally coming out of the fog I was carrying Eli through the den and by some freak accident that I couldn't recreate if I tried, I got my pinky toe caught on our stone fireplace and snapped it sideways. Yes, now I've broken my toe. Crazy. I knew instantly it was bad. Something about the snap, crackle, and pop I heard clued me in that this pain wasn't going to go away any time soon. I went into the next room and put Eli down and tried to hope the accident away to no avail. I think it is always a bad sign when you can bend your toe out sideways. The doctor confirmed the break today with some xrays. Since it's just my littlest piggy, there's not really anything you can do for it. So, it's taped to it's little piggy neighbor and I'm supposed to stay off of it and keep it elevated for a few days. Hmmmm, wonder how Eli is going to do while I'm staying off my foot! And, like with the cold, since I'm preggo I cannot take any medications other than Tylenol for what ails me. Where's the hard stuff when you need it?
Now, as for that pesky mass the doctor has been tracking. I had my UAB appointment today (yes, it was a medical marathon day for me). The UAB doc agrees with my doc -- I have a benign tumor on my right ovary. Neither doctor feels it necessitates any procedures to biopsy it or remove it at this time. However, it must be removed -- but that can be done in September when I have new baby Walker. Apparently this is not that uncommon and absolutely nothing to be concerned about. All good.
Although I am just 14 weeks along, the doctor today told me she could find out the gender of new baby for me since she had such high tech equipment. I asked her not to peek and tell since Jason wasn't with me. So, it shall remain a mystery for a few more weeks. She did say the baby looked great - thick neck and bone in the nose which apparently are good signs of a healthy baby. Who knew.
That is it for now. As soon as I can find the charger for my camera battery, I'll start sending out some pictures for your viewing enjoyment. Hope you are all well and loving life!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is Anybody Out There?

Yes, I am still alive (barely) and am so sorry I haven't been blogging lately. It's hard for me to blog from my horizontal position on the couch, barf bag close at hand! Last week I was sure I had reached the end of the sick and miserable 1st trimester of pregnancy road. But, alas, better days elude me.
I am 12 weeks now. Had a sonogram today and Jason and I got to see new baby Walker jumping around like crazy. We could see the hands and feet so clearly, even the lips! No news on gender yet...that won't happen for a few more weeks. I would attach a picture from the sonogram...but I'm sure you've all seen one at some point in your life and I assure you that my little blurry black and white baby doesn't look any different than all the others you've seen.
One hitch in our otherwise wonderful pregnancy is that the doctor found a solid, golf ball sized mass in my right ovary. He is not sure what it is (it is not a cyst). We've been watching it for a few weeks and fortunately it has not gotten any bigger. My doctor feels that we do not need to do any testing on it since it hasn't changed, but just to have someone back up his decision he is sending me to UAB for a second opinion. If they feel a biopsy is in order then we'll do that asap as the window of safely doing such a procedure closes in a few weeks. Otherwise, we'll wait and take a look at it in September.
As for the rest of my wonderful family, all is well. Jason is in the process of re-doing our back porch. I'll send out pictures of that project soon, you will be impressed. It is going to be so wonderful to have a nice place to enjoy the great outdoors this spring!
That's it for now. Don't give up on my blog just yet! I'll be back in the swing of things very soon, ranting and raving about all the things people say to pregnant women that DRIVE ME CRAZY...stay tuned.